5 New Rules of Real Estate (part 6)

by The Real Estate Faction on July 7, 2011

5. Time to Think Medium Term … at Minimum

I’m not sure where home buyers got the idea that they could buy and flip houses every 24 months and collect a king’s ransom’s worth of tax-free profits. But those days are over. Whether you’re buying as an investor or plan to live in the property, you’ll need a 7- to 10-year plan in order to make sure you won’t lose money after factoring in the costs of sale.

Even those investors who are buying bottom-feeder foreclosures and fixing them up might not be able to resell them so quickly. And if they do, they might find that lenders won’t finance their buyers. So come up with a long-term plan that will let you rake in money … while the rest of the real estate market catches up.


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