9 Items Homebuyers Desire in 2011 (Part 5)

by The Real Estate Faction on May 2, 2011

Practical Green Features

Call it “Yankee frugality,” says Phipps. But what he sees on buyer shopping lists is a home that is easy on the planet because it’s easy on the wallet.

Buyers are looking for things like triple-glazed windows, high-efficiency boilers and energy-efficient appliances. “The buyer of today wants to make sure that the ongoing operating costs of the house are as controlled and economical as possible,” he says.

Another popular item: nontech green features. Buyers are looking at the sun exposure in relation to energy efficiency, he says. And that’s something that will vary with the area and region, he says. “In some areas, you want larger overhangs to minimize the sun,” Phipps says. “In my area (New England), lots of windows on the southern side to maximize the sun would be smart.”



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