Vision Statement for The Real Estate Faction

The Real Estate Faction was built around a number of things. It was built around the idea that within the larger grouping of real estate, there needed to be a smaller faction focused upon great customer service. To accomplish this, we felt that there was nothing more important than not only hearing our customers but intently listening to them as well. Our real estate advisors have been trained to treat customers wants and needs as if they were their own. Our customer’s goals are first and foremost. Our end goal is to create the best and most favorable outcome with our customer’s best interests in mind.

The Real Estate Factions’ pillars are based upon patience, clear communication, understanding and expertise. We feel that these pillars will guarantee successful escrow closings and 100% customer satisfaction. We firmly understand that real estate transactions cause a tremendous amount of stress and strain. It is our job to shoulder that stress and strain for our customers. Finally, it is our everyday goal to prepare customers to successfully sell or buy real estate in this or future real estate market places.